Three Reasons to Hire a Virginia Injury Lawyer Fast After a Wreck with Injuries

There are lots of reasons to hire an attorney quickly after you've been hit on the road as a result of another motorist's fault, but my top three are as follows:

why you need an attorney after a wreck

  1. You want to have an advocate on your side with the insurance companies right off the bat so that they know your version of what happened before the other side lies or mischaracterizes what happened.  The other driver will probably not just confess to their insurance company and yours that they were at fault and you did nothing wrong.  Rather they are more likely than not going to shade facts their way and explain why they think they are not responsible.  Having your attorney on the phone and writing to both insurers immediately will make sure that what happened from your perspective is recorded immediately before any incorrect information gets set in concrete.
  1. If there are any independent witnesses, somebody needs to call them, interview them and find out what they know immediately.  The first reason is that you want to talk to any witnesses before they forget what happened because their eyewitness testimony can get fuzzier over time.  A good attorney with a good investigator can make sure to preserve all such information including how to get back in touch with the eyewitness and sometimes even get them to sign a written statement while the information is fresh.
  1. Dealing with insurance companies, police and doctors is a huge hassle even when you feel in good health and have the time to cope with the stress of dealing with all that bureaucracy.  After a car wreck where you've been hurt you are not feeling well, you're worried about missing time from work, and you are often quite fragile emotionally.  Having an attorney who deals with these issues every day is much better so that you can focus on your family, your health and feeling better as soon as possible.

As an experienced personal injury attorney in Virginia, I know what you may be going through because I've represented thousands of people over more than two decades in the same circumstances.  Having an attorney right off the bat looking out for you is a huge benefit. Call us at (757) 455-0077 if you have been hurt in a car wreck due to the fault of another person.

John Cooper

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