Tire Blowout on Dump Truck Causes I-64 Crash in James City County

A spate of dump truck accidents in Virginia has caused injuries and deaths across the Commonwealth. Yesterday a tire blowout on a dump truck in James City County caused a crash that closed I-64.

The tire blowout led to traffic chaos on Saturday afternoon near Busch Gardens. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

The Virginia Gazette reported the front tire of the Volvo dump truck blew out at around 2.49 p.m. at mile-marker 247 east. The truck driver attempted to move to the shoulder but struck another vehicle causing it to flip over the guardrail and into a ditch.

I-64 East was closed as crews cleaned up and removed the truck from the ditch. The wreck could have been so much worse. When tire blowouts on large vehicle occur, the driver frequently loses control.

tire blowout on I-64 caused dump truck crtash

A tire blowout caused a dump truck to run off I-64 in James City County (Virginia State Police)

In 2013, eight people were killed in Tennessee when a tire blew out on a bus carrying a church group causing it to veer across the road and hit a tractor-trailer and an SUV.

When a Tire Blow Out Causes Death and Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration around 400 people are killed and 10,000 injured every year due to tire blowouts.

Trucking companies have a duty to maintain their rigs which includes replacing aging tires and making regular checks. We have also seen cases in which tire manufacturers have been sued for defective tires.

A defective tire on a vehicle like a heavy dump truck can pose a major hazard to other road users.

Earlier this year, a woman was killed by a dump truck that police said went through a light on Route 460 near Petersburg.

In late 2016, police said a passenger in an F150 pickup died when a Ford F150 hit a dump truck that was stopped in the westbound lane of Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach. The dump truck driver was trying to back up into a construction site, according to reports.

Tire blowout accidents involving dump trucks can cause deaths and serious injuries. At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we have represented many clients hurt in dump truck crashes. You can read about our case results here.

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