Trucking Company Involved in Fatal Wreck Linked to 650 Crashes in Two Years

When big rigs crash, the finger of blame is often pointed at the trucker. However, some of America’s trucking companies have a very poor accident record that raises serious questions about their practices.

This week, a driver from Missouri died in a serious semi crash in Ohio. The Ohio State Highway Patrol said Theodore Stocker, III, a 41-year-old, was killed when his semi ran into the back of a flatbed trailer. Speed was a likely factor behind the wreck, news reports stated.

A report on WDTN said Stocker worked for Swift Transportation. The station searched the database of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The results were alarming.

Swift Transportation trucks were involved in 650 crashes over the last two years. One in 10 of these crashes involved a fatality. The report noted deaths in 65 wrecks.

Swift transportation has more than 21,000 drivers on the roads of the United States.

The Safety Measurement System revealed Swift’s trucks received 40,000 inspections and 31-percent of them included violations. Out of 40,907 inspections in 24 months, 12,952 found violations.

In the wake of the crash in Preble County, Swift said it’s company policy to limit the speed of its truckers to 62 mph. There was a 70 mph speed limit on the stretch of road where the wreck occurred.

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All too often we see big trucking companies putting unacceptable stresses on their drivers. Defects are also found on tractor-trailers with an alarming regularity.

Defective tires and brakes are among the most dangerous problems seen on trucks. If a tire blows or a brake fails on a heavy truck, the consequences can be fatal for other road users or the truck drivers themselves.

Trucking wrecks often cross state lines and involve the violation of federal as well as state regulations. The trucking companies often mount a vigorous defense because payouts are typically larger in cases that involve commercial vehicles.

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