Two Highway Workers Are Injured on I-64 in James City County

Recently, we highlighted the alarming number of accidents that are taking place on Interstate 64 in northern Newport News and James City County.

I was alarmed to read about how two highway workers on the stretch of interstate that’s being widened were injured ion Interstate 64 at about 4 a.m. on Wednesday morning. While initial reports stated a big rig was involved, the authorities later said it was a car. reported the comments of Paula Miller of the Virginia Department of Transportation who said two contractors who were working on the I-64 widening project were injured in the wreck.

VDOT reported the crash led to the closure of all westbound lanes on I-64 at mile marker 234. Motorists were diverted at Camp Peary. Travel lanes were reopened for motorists just before 6 a.m.

Few details were released about the condition of the highway workers. We hope they were not too seriously injured and that they make a good recovery.

When accidents occur in construction zones, the consequences can be horrific for all involved.

Just over a week ago, a cement truck crashed on I-64 at Lee Hall in James City County, killing the driver.

The road widening on I-64 started in northern Newport News in 2015, the Daily Press reported. Although a lower speed limit of 55 mph is posted in the construction zone, I have heard plenty of reports of drivers exceeding the limit. This can cause drivers to lose control.

When trucks and cars crash in construction zones, highway workers are at risk. Recently, we represented a young highway worker who suffered serious injuries that led to his legs being amputated after he was hit by a drunk driver on I-264 in Norfolk. All cases are unique and we cannot make guarantees about a past case being a predictor of a future one, but this young man was awarded $2.86 million at a settlement hearing.

People who work on the highways do one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. We have also represented tow truck drivers who have been seriously injured by inattentive, reckless or drunk drivers.

We help those who have been hurt in trucking accidents across Virginia, North Carolina and further afield. If you were hurt in a tractor-trailer accident, you can sue a number of parties including the driver and the trucking company. Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers is the author of The Best Book About Trucking Accidents in Virginia. You can order it here on our website, or contact us at (757) 455-0077.


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