Two Motorists Are Seriously Injured at Upton Drive and Nimmo Parkway in VA Beach

Red light running may have been the cause of a serious accident in Virginia Beach this week that left two people injured.

Virginia Beach police say two people were seriously hurt in a three-vehicle accident on Monday morning at Upton Drive and Nimmo Parkway.

Upton Drive and Nimmo Parkway

Upton Drive and Nimmo Parkway

An ABC13 report said the wreck occurred just before 8 a.m. on Monday. Investigators said a car may have run a red light and charges are pending. Our thoughts are with those who are injured and we hope they make a speedy recovery.

Intersections are common places for accidents. During the morning and evening commutes, some drivers appear to be in a rush and will try to get through a light after it has turned red or will fail to stop at a stop sign.

Virginia Beach can be a particularly chaotic place during the summer months when commuters mix with vacation traffic.

There are many causes of intersection accidents in Virginia. They include distracted driving and a failure to look out properly when making a turn.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety noted intersection accidents are more likely to be fatal among older drivers.

Among car drivers who were involved in fatal crashes in 2014, the proportion in multiple-vehicle crashes at intersections rose steadily starting from the age of 60. The Institute noted that multiple-vehicle crashes where roads intersect accounted for 37 percent of fatal crashes among drivers 80 and older, compared to 19 percent for drivers ages 16-59.

If you are approaching an intersection, you should exercise care. Make sure to slow down and always stop at a red light or a stop sign. Watch out for other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Our Virginia Beach car wreck lawyers help many victims of accidents at intersections in the largest city in Virginia. All cases are different and a past case is no indicator of a result in a future one, but we were able to reach a settlement of $815,000 to a young man who was hit by a red light runner at an intersection in Virginia Beach. Our client suffered a brain injury in this crash.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an intersection wreck when you have been hurt by a careless or reckless driver or a red light runner, call us today at (757) 455-0077.

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