U.S. 13 Wrongful Death Truck Lawsuit Results in $2.05 Million Settlement

The U.S. 13 on the Eastern Shore of Virginia has seen a spate of tragic wrecks involving tractor trailers. Recently, a U.S. 13 wrongful death truck lawsuit resulted in a $2.05 million settlement.

The litigation was brought in the wake of a crash three years ago on U.S. 13 close to the intersection of Eyreville Drive in Northampton County, reported the Virginian-Pilot.

An off-duty sheriff’s deputy was driving a tractor when he was rear-ended by a semi hauling a 53-foot Perdue trailer, the Pilot reported.

A lawsuit was filed by attorney Michael Kernbach of Manassas in northern Virginia. The Pilot report noted the family of the deceased sheriff’s deputy will receive $2.05 million from the U.S. 13 wrongful death truck lawsuit.

U.S. 13 Wrongful Death Truck Lawsuit

U.S. 13 sees many serious truck crashes

Earl Baynor Jr. Trucking, the company that owns the big rig agreed to pay $1,05 million and Perdue will pay $1 million. The lawsuit originally sought $25 million in damages, the Pilot noted.

Perdue hired Baylor Trucking to transport chicken from its processing plant in Accomack County on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

The lawsuit alleged the trucking company had a poor record for safety. It cited repeated falsification of documents and alluded to drivers allegedly in possession of alcohol, positive tests for cocaine and wrecks in daylight conditions, the Pilot reported.

The trucker who caused the fatal accident pleaded guilty to misdemeanor reckless driving for following too closely in January 2015. He served four days in jail and was ordered to pay $731 in fines and court costs.

Our thoughts are with the family of the deceased. Big rigs pose a serious danger on U.S. 13, the main highway dissecting the Eastern Shore.

U.S. 13 Wrongful Death Truck Lawsuit and Fatal Big Rig Crashes on the Eastern Shore

Far too many serious crashes involving tractor trailers occur on U.S. 13 on the Eastern Shore.

Last year, four people died when the SUV they were traveling in was struck by a semi-truck on the Eastern Shore.

Two elderly couples from Chesterfield County lost their lives on Route 13. Virginia State Police said a Hyundai Santa Fe was heading east on Capeville Drive when it pulled across Route 13 and was struck by oncoming semi-truck.

U.S. 13 is dangerous because slow moving traffic is often pulling onto this big highway from small rural roads.

If you have lost a loved one in a tractor-trailer crash on the Eastern Shore or elsewhere in Virginia please contact our experienced trucking accident injury lawyers.

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