Virginia Beach Accident Victim Aaron Collier is Remembered After I-264 Wreck

Interstate 264 in Virginia Beach is a busy and dangerous highway. We were saddened to read about a wreck last week that claimed the lives of Aaron Collier and Michael Goldstone.

Virginia State Police said the two men died in a multiple-vehicle accident last week. A report on stated Michael Terance Goldstone, of Virginia Beach, crossed a median into oncoming traffic.

His vehicle struck a Toyota Corolla driven by Darlene Varney of Virginia Beach head-on. Goldstone’s car then hit a Suzuki Sidekick driven by 23-year-old Aaron Miles Collier.

Goldstone and Collier died on I-264. Varney was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at Virginia Beach General Hospital.

Aaron Collier died on I-264

The crash occurred on I-264 westbound close to the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. Our thoughts are with the families of those who lost their lives in this terrible crash.

It’s not clear why Goldtone’s car crossed a median. However, this was not the first time a driver has crossed over to oncoming traffic at this section of interstate.

Last December, a minivan crossed a median, also near the Birdneck Road intersection. Two people also died in this multi-vehicle crash on I-264, we noted on our blog.

Aaron Collier’s godmother Tiffany Johnson told WAVY, Collier was driving to visit his mom the morning of the crash. She said:

“It was so unreal. I drove past that accident.”

Johnson said Aaron Collier had recently returned from Colorado. He loved life and was free-spirited and known for his smile, WAVY reported.

Michael Goldstone’s niece Chantel Ross told the TV channel her uncle was heading to work at about 8 a.m. last Wednesday when tragedy struck. It’s not clear why his Ford Taurus crossed a dividing line.

The Deaths of Aaron Collier and Michael Goldstone – Should a Guardrail Be Put Up on I-264?

The double deaths last week along with a similar accident that claimed two lives last year, raises the question whether safety features are adequate on this section of I-264.

Tiffany Johnson raised this concern in her interview with Johnson told the station something needs to be done on this stretch of the interstate to protect other drivers. She said:

“I really think that guard rail needs to be put up…That’s one thing we’re gonna fight for.”

We have noted on our website how head-on crashes are the most deadly kind experienced on the highways of Virginia.

These crashes near the Birdneck Road intersection in my home city of Virginia Beach raise alarming questions about whether traffic has been properly separated on this highway. If you lose a loved one to a wrong way driver, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim against his or her insurance company. Call us today for a free and confidential consultation at (757) 455-0077.

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