Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks See a Surge in Wrecks over the Summer

By Jim Hurley, Virginia Beach Injury Lawyer

As the weather gets warmer, more drivers will be heading to the coastal areas like Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

These areas see a massive upsurge in the amount of traffic due to summer tourism.  With this upsurge in traffic comes a sharp increase in motor vehicle accidents. It’s no secret that the number of fatal accidents climbs over the summer months with spikes during holidays such as Memorial Day and July 4.

congestion in Hampton Roads

While some of these accidents stem from tourists not being familiar with the roads, a lot of them also come from people drinking and driving throughout the summer months and especially around the summer holidays.  These two issues, on top of the high amount of traffic make the roads a dangerous place in the summer.

In order to stay safe during these summer months, limit distractions behind the wheel.  It’s illegal to text and drive in Virginia. We have written in the past about how distracted driving is an epidemic

Due to the high number of tourists in resort areas such as the Virginia Beach oceanfront and the Outer Banks, a large percentage of these motorists are not familiar with the roads, so they may make sudden, irregular movements behind the wheel.  Also, if there are plans involving alcohol, be sure to designate a driver.  Not only are drunk drivers at a high risk of being prosecuted at police checkpoints, but also they pose a huge risk to themselves and everyone else on the road.  Don’t drive drunk; call a cab or use one of the new smart phone apps like Uber or Lyft to find a sober ride.

When the blocks of Atlantic Avenue in at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront are teeming with pedestrians and bumper-to-bumper traffic, there is plenty of room for error.  Drive safe, alert, and sober this summer in order to avoid a serious motor vehicle accident.

If you or anyone you know gets injured in a car accident this summer, make sure he or she seeks the proper medical care, and then contacts an experienced car crash attorney.  Call the Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers at 757.455.0077, or contact us online at for a free consultation.  When it really counts, count on Cooper Hurley.

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