Virginia Deck Collapse Attorneys See More Falls and Injuries

Our Virginia deck collapse attorneys are conscious of how we are reading more and more about wooden structures giving way and lawsuits being filed against property owners for injuries.

In the next few months, more people will be heading to vacation properties in locations like Sandbridge in Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. While these properties at the beach may look idyllic, many decks were built 40 years ago and sea salt can corrode bolts that hold the wood together.

We have all seen viral videos of deck collapses but failures of decks are no laughing matter. In some cases, deck failures caused very serious injuries and deaths.

In 2015, a deck collapse at a home in Emerald Island in North Carolina, injured 24 people and hospitalized 16. Two people on the deck suffered critical injuries.

Although the deck was deemed to be probably up to code when the home was constructed in 1986, officials said nails that were nearly 30 years old could not cope with the weight of the people on the deck.

Although many deck collapses are in coastal areas, our Virginia deck collapse attorneys have noted some in the mountains or inland. Many decks on properties have not been maintained and pose a hidden hazard.

In 2015, Virginia Lawyers Weekly noted how two cases brought over deck collapses settled for almost $1 million each.

Virginia Deck Collapse Attorneys Help People Injured by Defective Structures

All cases are different and unique and the result of a case cannot be used to predict a future one, but a man from Petersburg in Virginia was awarded $950,000 after suffering serious injuries in a deck collapse.

The victim Petersburg leased an apartment in a five-unit property in Petersburg. When the renter ventured onto the deck for the first time is collapsed. He broke three bones in his right ankle and wound up with a 20 percent disability rating.

Attorneys for the renter heard claims the owner’s agent regarded the rental property as being “like trash” and hired anybody available to do repairs. The renter was represented by Jay Tronfeld, an attorney from Richmond.

On occasions, deck collapses can be fatal. A few years ago, a man from Lynchburg who leaned against a railing fell 12 feet onto concrete and died. That case resulted in a $900,000 wrongful death sentence in 2015, reported Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

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