Virginia Man Who Was Hit at Red Light Was Awarded $150,000

Many of the accidents we see on the highways of Hampton Roads occur at intersections when a car is hit at a red light or a stop sign.

Recently, we were pleased to be able to represent a driver who was injured in a rear-ender in this area. All cases are different and no previous case is a guarantee of a future result, but this driver received a settlement of $150,000.  The settlement was recently featured in Virginia Lawyers Weekly.

red-light-accident-victim-is-awarded $150,000

Our client was hit by a pick-up truck at a red light. The man who hit him said he suffered from a medical emergency. He suffered a syncopal event caused by a previously undiagnosed heart problem. Although he had a history of fainting, he had been cleared to drive by a Navy doctor shortly before the crash.

Rear end accidents are among the most common types of crashes we see as Virginia Beach personal injury lawyers. That’s not to say they are not serious. In this case, our client was treated by emergency medical staff for confusion and amnesia, along with cervical and thoracic pain. He was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury as a result of this crash.

Attorneys John Cooper and Griffin O’Hanlon filed a lawsuit at Virginia Beach Circuit Court. The case was resolved on Feb. 1 this year. More details are available on rear-end accidents by clicking here.

Four Injuries Linked to Rear-End Collisions

1 Internal Injuries – If you have difficulties breathing after an accident, seek medical attention. Internal injuries after a rear-end accident can include pulmonary contusion, a bruising of the lungs. 

2 Neck Pain – If you suffer from whiplash after a rear-end collision, you could end up with long-term issues. Research has shown that drivers and passengers who experienced whiplash during a rear-end collision, later suffered  three times as much pain seven years on than people who were not in a crash. Those hurt in rear-end collisions may suffer from herniated disks.

3 Spinal Injuries – Injuries to the spine can be very serious and lead to paralysis. Forceful rear-end collisions are linked to spinal injuries.

4 Headaches – Headaches and sleep disturbance can occur years after a rear-end crash.

Our recent case shows you can also suffer from a brain injury after a rear-end collision. Even a mild traumatic brain injury can be serious in nature. If you or a loved one has been hurt due to the actions of another driver, call us for a free consultation at (757) 455-0077.

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