Virginia Saw the Deaths of 70 Motorcyclists in 2015

Every year dozens of people are killed on motorcycles in Virginia. Although the death toll is not as high as in cars, a much smaller number of people are on two wheels.

About 70 motorcyclists were killed in 2015 in Virginia

According to Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), 70 motorcyclists were killed in 2015. That represented 9.3 percent of all traffic fatalities in the Commonwealth. Of those who lost their lives on bikes, 65 were riders and five were passengers.

In 2015, 1,776 riders were injured in crashes in Virginia. Of these 1,638 were riders and 138 were passengers.

Many of those who are killed or injured on two wheels come to grief when car drivers fail to notice them when making a turn. Last week in Virginia Beach, a scooter rider lost his life in these circumstances.

Every year we help motorcyclists who have sustained serious injuries in accidents in Hampton Roads and elsewhere in Virginia. If you are hurt on a motorcycle you don’t need to be traveling at a high speed to sustain some very serious injuries. Head injuries and amputations are among the worst injuries suffered by riders.

If you are riding a motorcycle it’s important to wear protective clothing and to remember some basic safety tips.

Be aware of hazards on the road such as gravel, don’t drive too quickly around curves and don’t brake suddenly. You should also be aware of dangers such as drivers suddenly opening the doors of parked cars.

Weather is another major hazard for motorcyclists. Ice and snow can be deadly as well as high winds and rain storms.

Motorcycling is becoming increasingly popular in the summer months but you should always pursue a safety-first approach.

If you are riding a motorcycle, aim to get as much insurance coverage as possible in case you are seriously injured. You may need to cover large medical bills for serious injuries.

Although the surge in motorcycle injuries and deaths experienced a few years ago in Virginia has abated, we should always look out for surges in crashes and carefully monitor the safety of riders.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident, please call our experienced Virginia injury lawyers at (757) 455-0077. See our frequently asked questions about motorcycle accidents.

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