Was Galaxy Note 7 Phone Responsible for Plane Fire at Norfolk Airport?

Reports of smoke on board a flight from Norfolk International Airport on Friday morning have heightened concerns about Galaxy Note 7 cellphones which have been linked to battery fires.

Norfolk airport spokesman Morgan Durrant told WAVY.com flight attendants saw smoke emerging from the back of the plane during take-off. The fire has been linked to a battery, but it’s not clear if there is a link to a Galaxy Note 7.

Batteries can burn Galaxy Note 7s

A burned up Galaxy Note 7

Durrant stated that flight attendants acted quickly and dissipated the smoke in the plane. She said the smoke came from a spare phone battery not connected to a device.

Delta is still working to determine the source and type of battery on the flight from Norfolk to Atlanta.

This is a frightening episode that comes at a time when warnings have been issued over the Galaxy Note 7 phones.

US safety regulators announced a formal recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone just says ago after a spate of fires resulted in injuries and property damage.

Although Samsung initiated a voluntary recall, it was not enough to satisfy Consumer Product Safety Commission chairman, Elliot Kaye who criticized the company for failing to co-ordinate with his agency.

The phone is linked to a fire in Port St Lucie in Florida. An owner was charging his Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

One of the problems with this recall is most people can’t distinguish a Note 7 from the rest of Samsung’s phones.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns the lithium ion battery in these phones poses a serious burn risk.

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