What Damages Can Be Claimed After a Trucking Accident with Injuries?

When drivers and passengers are hurt in trucking wrecks, they are seldom aware of their rights or what kinds of damages they can claim.

It’s an issue that I explore in this video. The types of compensation that can be sought are similar to those you can claim from other auto accidents. However, those who are hurt by big rigs often suffer more serious injuries which is why it’s important to contact an injury lawyer who has worked on many trucking wrecks.

Typically, the trucking companies will have their own attorneys and experts who are poised to fight your claim from the outset. It’s important to bring expertise to bear from the outset. It’s also important to hire a lawyer who has worked on trucking accidents in a number of states because these crashes often cross jurisdictions.

It’s also worth noting that the trucking industry is governed by numerous federal rules which we explain here.

The Damages You Can Claim After  a Trucking Wreck

If a trucker is to blame for your injuries, the damages you can claim include:

  • The impact of the wreck on your quality of life
  • Current medical expenses and those in the future
  • The cost of rehabilitation
  • Scarring
  • Pain and suffering
  • Present and future income loss
  • Emotional distress
  • Permanent disability

Our Virginia Trucking accident lawyers will work closely with you to find out the impact your injuries have had on your life after a wreck involving a truck. Based on our conversations, we will work with you on a reasonable amount of compensation to ask for in your case and then fight to obtain it from the trucking firm.

Big truck wrecks occur more frequently than we might think. Recently, CNBC reported there are about 11 serious big rig crashes every day in the United States.

Every year, about 4,000 people die in trucking crashes, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

On top of that, in excess of 100,000 people are hurt every year in truck crashes. CNBC compared this death toll to a commuter jet crashing every single week of the year, killing everyone on board. As the economy has strengthened, the number of tractor-trailer crashes has risen in recent years.

If you have been hurt in a truck crash, please call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation at (757) 455-0077.

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