What To Do If You Are Injured At a Virginia Hotel

By Griff O'Hanlon, Virginia Beach Personal Injury Attorney

When you visit Virginia Beach, one of the first things you notice are the massive hotels that line the Boardwalk. Tens of thousands of people visit these hotels every year.

As the Beach gears up for another tourist season, it’s worth pointing out some of the dangers that you can face at hotels.

In this video, I highlight some of the most common dangers at hotels, but there are others.

In recent years, serious accidents at hotels in Virginia Beach have made headlines. In 2011, there were two fatal balcony falls, including a toddler who lost his life, the Virginian-Pilot reported.

A man was reported to be critically injured when he fell from a balcony in 2014 in Virginia Beach.

Hotels are not always held to be liable for falls, but there have been cases in which they have held to be liable.  All cases are unique, and we can never guarantee the result of a case, but in 2013, a child was awarded $10.9 million after he fell from a balcony at a hotel in Norfolk. A bar was missing from the balcony causing the fall that left the child with serious brain damage.

There are two main types of injury that you see at a hotel. It’s very common for people to slip and fall at hotels.

This could be down to an uneven walkway, a bunched up mat at a walkway or a slick floor near a swimming pool. Falls are commonplace in these areas, and falls can lead to serious injuries because these are hard surfaces.

Another major danger to hotel visitors is the swimming pool. Clearly this is a drowning hazard, but there are other dangers in and around pools that can result in injuries. Hotels often fail to provide signage at stairways and warnings around swimming pools.

Hotel rooms can also contain hidden dangers. We are aware of people who have suffered electrical shock injuries in their rooms, and one of our clients was hurt by a falling window treatment at a hotel in Virginia Beach.

If you are injured in a hotel, you should inform the management immediately. Try to take pictures at the scene and get statements from witnesses, or, at least, their details.

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