Why Substantial Injuries Are Necessary for a Virginia Premises Liability Claim

By Bill O'Mara, Norfolk Premises Liability Lawyer

As Virginia premises liability lawyers who take on the cases of people who are hurt at business premises such as stores, restaurants, malls and hotels, we receive many calls from those who are hurt in accidents at a business such as trip, slip and falls.

Common scenarios are people who fall over in stores or perhaps slip on ice in parking lots. Or maybe they have been hit by a falling object.

premises liability in Virginia

Unfortunately, we can’t take on all cases. In complicated and expenses cases like these, it’s only worth taking on the business owners if you have been seriously hurt. If you have suffered a sprain, this can be painful, but it will usually clear up. It’s not usually worth filing a lawsuit with an injury like this. If you suffer any of the below injuries, it may be worth litigating.

Serious Injuries in a Premises Liability Case

1 – Broken bones

2 –Permanent Injuries

3 – Traumatic Brain Injuries

4 – Spinal Injuries

5 – Injuries Requiring Surgery.

Fractures are the most common types of serious injuries related to falls, but they only occur in 5 percent of cases, according to the National Floor Safety Institute.

In the Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers book, Top 10 Tips If You are Injured at a Store, Hotel or Restaurant in Virginia, we outline how it’s necessary to show the harms you have suffered from a premises liability accident.

Keep all records of medical bills and be aware that you may be entitled to compensation for some areas of loss, including:

  • Payment for medical treatment both past and future;
  • Payment for present, past, and future pain and suffering;
  • Inconvenience caused to you because of your injuries and the costs of treatment;
  • The embarrassment and payment for treatment of any disfigurement and scarring;
  • Compensation for time you may have missed from work or from your inability to work in the future;
  • Compensation for the loss of your quality of life.

If you have health insurance, the business responsible for your injuries may offer only to pay for your deductible or co-pays. You should be aware that a negligent business is liable for the total cost of your medical expenses. Make sure to insist on it.

If you have been injured at a shopping center, a restaurant, a hotel, an apartment complex, a public building or elsewhere, call our premises liability team for a free consultation at (757) 455-0077.



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