Willow Wood Drive in Norfolk Sees 13 Accidents, Three Hit-and-Runs

At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we are familiar with dangerous roads in Virginia. While they are usually busy, urban roads, some residential areas are also plagued by problems. One of them is Willow Wood Drive in Norfolk.

The area off Tidewater Drive was recently featured in a WAVY.com investigation.  Residents say the road is plagued by speeding problems and they have had enough.

Although the city has improved signage, residents remain exasperated. WAVY spoke to people who said the city is not going far enough.

Willow Wood Drive has seen three hit-andruns

hit-and-runs were reported on Willow Wood Drive

We know at first hand the dangers of speeding. Even at 30 or 40 mph, children can be killed or seriously injured by drivers on suburban streets.

Norfolk police say 13 accidents including three hit-and-runs took place on Willow Wood Drive in just over five years. Police issued 93 speeding tickets in that time.

For every speeding ticket issued many motorists get away with driving too fast.

Vickie Eshorn, who lives on Willow Wood Drive, said she can’t recall a driver keeping below the 25 mph limit for more than two decades.

The police department has cracked down on speeders this month. From March 6 to March 8, Norfolk Police Department issued 34 speeding tickets.

Stephanie Walz, another Willow Wood Drive resident, knows the street’s appalling crash record at first hand. On March 5, she found a car on top of three cars in her drive. WAVY reported alcohol was a factor in that crash.

Willow Wood Drive is a Safety Concern

Walz has two children and has even considered moving for their safety.

City officials addressed speeding at a civic league meeting on March 12. They say more visible speed limit signs have been fitted. Pedestrian lighting has been improved and new road markers have been fitted.

Stage two entails improving crosswalks and adding bike lanes. The bike lanes will encourage cycling as well as acting as a traffic-calming measure.

Some residents don’t think bike lanes go far enough. They want physical barriers like speed tables or humps.

Pedestrians, cyclists, and children are all at risk from speeding motorists. Speeding is one of the leading causes of fatal road wrecks. Many Hampton Roads communities are concerned about drivers who fail to obey posted limits. A few years ago we noted a similar concern from a community in the South Norfolk area of Chesapeake.

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