Woman Reported Unconscious in Virginia Beach After an Accident Involving a Cyclist and a Car

By Jim Hurley, Virginia Beach Cycling Injury Lawyer

Cyclists and pedestrians are the most vulnerable users of highways in Hampton Roads. I’m always deeply disturbed to read about reports in which cyclists suffer serious injuries.

On Thursday night, Virginia Beach Police released some details about a crash involving a cyclist and a vehicle that left a woman unconscious.

The crash took place in the 600 block of 19th St. Very few details were released about this accident.

Dispatch told a local TV station a female patient was unconscious, but breathing. No further details were released about her condition.

We don’t know for sure if the victim was the cyclist. We do know that in accidents that involve cars and bicyclists, the cyclist usually suffers the most serious injuries.

Virginia Beach is a popular recreational city for cyclists, but every year they are killed and injured. In May 2015, a bicyclist was killed near London Bridge Road.

A month later, a cyclist was injured  at the intersection of S. Independence Boulevard and Baxter Road, in Virginia Beach.

Cyclists may not even be safe when they are riding on dedicated  bike paths next to busy highways. In 2014, a Canadian cyclist was killed on 83rd Street and Atlantic Avenue near Shore Drive. The 65-year-old was cycling with his wife on the bike path. Reports suggested the cyclist may have swerved into the road. However, this raises a question about whether the driver was too close.

Drivers often fail to abide by the rules pertaining to cyclists in Virginia. In 2014, Virginia enacted a three foot passing law. It states that a motorist “shall pass at a reasonable speed at least three feet to the left of the overtaken bicycle.” A previous law required drivers to pass people on bikes by only two feet. Virginia joined 23 other states and the District of Colombia in enacting a three foot passing law. Pennsylvania sets the minimum to pass a cyclist as four feet.

As the weather gets warmer, we are likely to see more cyclists on the road. It’s not just important to give them space; it’s the law. If you have been injured on a bike by the actions of a driver, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. Call us for a free consultation at (757) 455-0077.


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