Woman Seriously Injured by a Pickup Truck on Virginia Beach

When you are sitting on the beach in a chair, you don't expect to be hit by a vehicle. But this is exactly what happened to a woman who was seriously injured by a pickup truck on Virginia Beach today.

A report on WAVY.com noted the woman was struck by a pickup truck Thursday morning at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront.

The woman was transported to a local hospital with what was described as “significant injuries” by police.

Officers responded to the beach at the Oceanfront just after 10:45 a.m. A preliminary investigation found a four-door pickup struck the woman as she was sitting in a beach chair, WAVY reported. The incident was reported in the 2400 block of the Oceanfront, close to the 24th Street Park.

woman was seriously injured by pickup truck on Virginia Beach

A woman was seriously injured by a pickup truck on Virginia Beach near 24th Street Park

Tonya Pierce, a spokeswoman for Virginia Beach police, said the driver of the pickup is an individual contractor who works with various event organizers. The contractor was on the beach picking up equipment from a recent event.

The contractor was said to have struck the woman while trying to make a U-turn. No further details were given. However, police said the contractor was authorized to be on the beach.

Our thoughts are with the woman who was injured this morning. We hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Woman Seriously Injured by a Pickup Truck on Virginia Beach and Other Beach Accidents

In recent years, a number of unexpected accidents have occurred on Virginia Beach.

Last year, a woman was killed when she was struck by a beach umbrella that was picked up by the wind and fell on her.

Seven years ago, a homeless man was killed by a trash truck as he was lying on Virginia Beach. The City of Virginia Beach later reached a $500,000 settlement with the family of the homeless man, reported the Virginian-Pilot.

Contractors who work for beach event organizers, people who set up umbrellas, and utility services have a duty to look out for people who may be sunbathing on Virginia Beach.

Although people come to the beach in the summer for pleasure, there are numerous hazards ranging from rip tides to dangers at hotels and the hazards of swimming pools.

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