Woman Was Awarded $300,000 After Falling in Virginia Hotel Entrance

By Mike Snellings, Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you ever walked into a business establishment on a rainy day and slipped on the slick, wet, polished floor? If you’re anything like me, you most likely have lost count of the number of times you have had to catch yourself from falling. When I read about a woman in Alexandria who slipped on the wet floor of her hotel, I cringed because I knew this type of accident could easily have happened to me (or anyone, really).


The woman was returning to the Marriott Courtyard Alexandria Pentagon South with her husband on a rainy, windy night in April. The Marriott staff had initially used safety mats to cover a slippery entrance, but they had pulled up the mats because the wind had blown them around. This left a wet, painted concrete surface exposed.

The woman slipped on the slick floor and landed on her hip. Another guest slipped on the floor while trying to help her, and witnesses observed one of the EMTs slip on the floor when they arrived. Court records showed that many people had complained of the slick floor to the hotel manager.

According to Virginia Lawyers Weekly, the impact of the woman’s fall drove her femur through her hip socket. She spent three weeks in a local hospital before she was able to return to her home in California.

The woman’s attorney, Erin Witte with Surovell Isaacs Petersen & Levy, presented evidence to the jury to prove that the hotel was aware of the hazard that the painted concrete floor posed when it was wet. In fact, the hotel was told that it needed to replace the stamped concrete floor and had failed to do so.

As innkeepers, hotels have a duty of the utmost care and diligence to protect their guests from injury. When hotels breach this duty by failing to remedy dangerous situations, the hotel may be liable for any injuries caused by their failure to provide a safe environment.

This woman’s trial lasted four days. After about two hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict for $300,000. All cases have their own set of facts and we cannot guarantee the same result in a similar case. The jury held all four defendants responsible for the injuries – including the hotel owners, the management company, and Marriott International Inc.

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