Wrecks Involving VDOT Workers – I-664 Bridge Worker is Injured in Suffolk

Virginia Department of Transportation employees do a difficult and dangerous job on hazardous bridge crossings across Virginia. In recent months and years, there have been many wrecks involving VDOT workers.

I was alarmed to read about how a VDOT worker was injured after his van was involved in a two-vehicle crash on Wednesday morning on Interstate 664 South at the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel.

Suffolk dispatchers said the wreck occurred around 2:30 a.m. Images from the wreck scene showed damage to both ends of the van.

VDOT spokeswoman Paula Miller said a worker was taken to a local hospital complaining of neck and back pain. His injuries were non-life-threatening.

A bridge-tunnel operator was reported to be driving from one work station to another when his vehicle was struck by a panel van on the bridge.

wrecks involving VDOT workers are common in Hampton Roads

We are well aware of the vulnerability of VDOT workers. We hope the bridge-tunnel operator makes a full recovery.

Wrecks Involving VDOT Workers in Hampton Roads

In recent years, VDOT workers have been injured in a spate of serious accidents.

In 2015, Safety Service Patrol worker William Nichols was seriously hurt when he stopped to assist a driver on the right shoulder of I-664 underneath the Portsmouth Blvd. overpass in Chesapeake. When the worker got out of his car, a 2007 Dodge Charger ran off the road and struck him.

He was originally listed as being in a critical condition. His status was changed to being in a serious condition. Police charged a 46-year-old driver with reckless driving and defective equipment after the incident.

In May 2016, a driver was charged over a wreck in the I-64 work zone in James City County that injured two VDOT workers. One of the VDOT workers sustained a serious injury on I-64.

Our attorneys recently represented a highway worker who lost both legs in an accident involving a drunk driver on I-264 in Norfolk.

Virginia Department of Transportation has a memorial that lists the names of workers who lost their lives from 1928 to 2012. It contains more than 130 names and is near Afton Mountain.

It’s sobering that so many VDOT workers have lost their lives and been seriously injured. VDOT workers do an important job in keeping the highways safe but are often victims themselves. If you were injured by a vehicle while working on the highway, we would like to hear from you. Medical expenses can be very high after a wreck and it’s imperative that you recover the most you can after a car wreck. A Virginia personal injury law firm can take over your claim and help you do that. Call Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers at (757) 455-0077.

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