Wrong Way Driver Caused Fatal Accident in Virginia

By Jim Hurley, Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

Wrong way crashes are among the most deadly types of the wreck we see in Virginia. Statistically, if you are involved in a head-on crash, you may be more likely to suffer a serious injury or to be killed.

Just days ago, a wrong way driver caused a three-vehicle accident along Interstate 495 in Alexandria, Virginia, according to media reports. The accident was reported around 1:40 a.m. on Monday between Telegraph Road and the Eisenhower Avenue Connector.


Investigators said the driver of the Honda CR-V was involved in an accident with other vehicles when driving east on westbound lanes. The Honda hit a Chevrolet Tahoe headed west head-on. A Dodge Caravan which was also heading west on I-495, was damaged by debris from the crash.

The driver of the Honda was killed by the force of the collision. It’s not clear why the driver was heading the wrong way.

There has been plenty of research into wrong way driving as our Virginia auto accident attorneys describe.

In 2012, a study by the National Transportation Safety Board carried out research into wrong way driving. It cited statistics from Virginia that found the death rate for wrong way accidents is 27 times higher than that of other types of accident.

The study stated that “remedial measures” have been tried out on highways to reduce the number of wrong way accidents, ever since 1968 including measures to improve highway medians and markings.

Here are the main causes of wrong way driving accidents.

  • Alcohol and Drugs — Almost two-thirds of wrong way driving crashes are caused by alcohol or drugs. Younger wrong way drivers are more likely to be drunk.
  • Age — Age is a key factor in head-on accidents that were not caused by drunk drivers. Older drivers are more likely to be involved in these crashes.
  • Night driving —About three-quarters of wrong way crashed occurred at night or during periods of poor visibility.
  • Drowsiness– Fatigue is  a significant cause of wrong way-driving. Sleepy drivers are more likely to end up in the wrong lane.
  • Distracted driving– If you are checking your cellphone you are far more likely to end up going the wrong way.

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