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“Cognitive deficit” is an umbrella term referring to a wide range of brain impairments experienced by people who have suffered head trauma, chemical exposure or birth defects. Those who exhibit serious signs of cognitive deficit may have suffered irreversible damage, requiring significant long-term care and the inability to maintain an income or support themselves.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers represents clients in accidents who have suffered such serious brain injuries and need compensation for comprehensive and extensive care. If a loved one shows signs of cognitive deficits or has been diagnosed with some form of brain trauma, we can explain your legal options against the insurance company for the person or company who caused the traumatic brain injury.

What is a cognitive deficit?

A cognitive deficit refers to impairment in a person’s intellectual ability. It covers a wide array of symptoms and conditions, ranging from common learning disabilities to profound behavioral impairments to severe head injuries. Typically, a cognitive deficit is indicative of reduced brain function.

What are some signs of a cognitive deficit?

There are a number of ways that experts diagnose cognitive deficits. A few indications of impaired brain function include:

  • Impaired short-term memory
  • Reduced reading and mathematical comprehension
  • Reduced motor skills
  • Difficulty with auditory learning
  • Difficulty with verbal communication
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

The severity of these conditions corresponds to the nature of the brain injury suffered or the source of the cognitive deficit. Some signs can be very minor or subtle, while others are much more obvious and profound.

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