Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Verdicts & Settlements


Real Case Results

  1. $5 Million Result for Injuries to Wife from Hampton - Our client was hit by a construction truck in Gloucester County, VA and suffered serious injuries including broken ribs, a lacerated liver and spleen, a hip fracture, a fractured pelvis, a fractured femur and fibula and post-traumatic stress disorder with a mild traumatic brain injury. The settlement with the construction company was reached during mediation.
  2. $3.5 Million Settlement for Truck Accident Victim – A commercial truck rear-ended a passenger vehicle on I-64 in Norfolk, Virginia. Our client was a passenger in the car that was struck, which was traveling slowly after a tire problem. Both vehicles caught on fire. Our client was trapped within the passenger vehicle and lost his life.
  3. $2.86 Million Settlement for Highway Worker - A highway worker was hit by a drunk driver on I-264 in Norfolk. He suffered an amputation of both legs. The worker received $2.86 million at settlement - $936,775 for a personal injury claim and $1.9 million in workers' compensation.
  4. 1.5 Million Settlement in Truck Accident Wrongful Death Case - A box truck hit a van in Hampton Roads in December, 2013, killing the van driver. The driver of the truck potentially suffered from sleep apnea and lacked a valid medical certificate. We filed a lawsuit on behalf of the van driver's family.
  5. $895,000 Settlement for Tow Truck Driver - A tow truck driver from Portsmouth was hit by a drunk driver on the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel in Newport News. He suffered a mild traumatic brain injury as well as shoulder, ankle and knee injuries that left him unable to work.
  6. $815,000 Settlement in Brain Injury Case - A man in his 20s was hit by a pick up truck running a red light in Virginia Beach, sustaining a permanent brain injury. Our client was no longer able to pursue his chosen career. A settlement was reached at mediation in 2015.
  7. 675,000 in Dump Truck Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Case - A woman suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when she was rear-ended by a dump truck in Virginia Beach when she was at a stop light.
  8. $650,000 Jury Verdict for Truck Accident Victim – A MACK truck with worn and bald tires experienced a “sudden” tread separation, colliding with our client’s Toyota. Our client’s leg was broken in two places, requiring surgical insertion of a metal rod, plate, and screws. The woman was not able to return to her previous job because of her injuries.
  9. $900,000 Settlement for Truck Accident Victim – A tractor-trailer collided with a passenger vehicle in which the victim was riding, causing him a severe traumatic brain injury. Shortly before the case’s trial date, a settlement was reached.
  10. $650,000 Jury Verdict for Truck-Train Accident Victim – A conductor trainee was riding on the side of a railroad car when a hostler truck, owned by CSX, pulled onto the track in front of the oncoming train. The collision knocked our client off of the side of the car. She was treated for a contusion and returned to work, but suffered continuing back problems as a result of the accident.
  11. $500,000 Settlement for Injured Sailor - A 32-year-old assistant steward fell from an unsafe ladder on a ship and suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, knee, neck and back injuries. We sued the U.S. government under maritime law.
  12. $450,000 Settlement for Fiery Collision Between Two Big Rigs – Our client was driving a big rig with double trailers when another tractor-trailer that was passing him in the left lane forced him to clip the left rear corner of a third stopped truck. A large fireball resulted, and our client suffered broken bones, gastroenterological and urological problems after being ejected from the truck. He was not able to return to his old job as a trucker.
  13. $425,000 Settlement for Surgical Error – A 43-year-old woman underwent a hysterectomy, but the surgeons and staff left a surgical sponge inside of her body after the surgery was completed. This sponge was not discovered for six full months, and it eventually created a fistula inside of the woman’s bowel, requiring further surgery.
  14. $400,000 Settlement for Carolina Collision that Kills Moped Rider – A 44-year-old woman was traveling southbound as a passenger on a moped when another vehicle struck the rear of the moped. Both occupants of the moped were knocked off into the street. The other vehicle then ran over the moped passenger, killing her.
  15. $367,000 Settlement for Rail Conductor with Career-Ending Injury – A veteran conductor for Norfolk Southern was forced to move a train car drawhead one night at an industry. He injured his back trying to move the misaligned coupler, which was not working as it should have been due to poor maintenance and rust.
  16. $225,000 Settlement for Woman Hurt During Fall at Building - A woman fell on a floor of an office building that a janitor was stripping and waxing. She suffered injuries to her neck, right shoulder, right hand, right hip and back. A settlement was reached with the building owners after the woman claimed the janitor waved her through.
  17. $177,000 Settlement for Navy Man Injured While Riding Motorcycle in Virginia Beach – A car driver struck the motorcyclist, resulting in several broken bones and mental trauma. The accident victim recovered this settlement on an underinsured motorist claim through his own policy, and through the at-fault driver’s policy.
  18. $120,000 Settlement for Customer Injured by Department Store Shelf – A customer shopping in a Maxway store in North Carolina was injured when a metal shelf fell down, striking her in the shoulder. The victim suffered an AC separation and tear of the rotator cuff in her right shoulder, ultimately resulting in two surgeries.
  19. $112,500 Settlement for Slip-and-Fall Accident at Hampton Roads Hospital – An employee at a local Hampton Roads hospital was injured when she fell on uneven stairs and broke her ankle. After undergoing surgery, the victim suffered a lengthy recovery period and a stress fracture on her foot due to complications from the injury.
  20. $750,000 Verdict for Injured CSX Railroad Employee – While working in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, a CSX employee suffered serious injures that prevented him from returning to work. This FELA lawsuit helped the victim recover for his injuries and the loss of his career.
  21. $250,000 Settlement for Car Accident Victim – After suffering injuries in a car accident, the victim could not reach a fair settlement with the other driver’s insurance company. The case, filed in Norfolk Circuit Court, eventually led to a proper settlement that compensated the victim for his injuries.
  22. $150,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim - A student from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA suffered a broken femur in a crash after a driver failed to yield the right of way. The case was settled a month before a trial.
  23. $200,000 Verdict for Injured Motorist - A man from Virginia Beach was forced off the I-64 by an unknown driver, hitting construction equipment. There was no contact .He suffered a minor concussion, a small displaced fracture in the neck and an open gash in his left knee. A jury in Norfolk awarded him $200,000.
  24. $460,000 Settlement for Brain Injury Victim - A 50-year-old man suffered a brain injury including short-term memory loss after he was hit by a truck on Terminal Boulevard in Norfolk, VA. The case was settled before a trial.
  25. $400,000 settlement for a hotel guest injury – A 55-year-old flight attendant was injured at a Virginia Beach hotel when a window treatment fell on her, causing injuries to her neck, knee and shoulder.

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