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Virginia Beach Accident Victim Aaron Collier is Remembered After I-264 Wreck

Interstate 264 in Virginia Beach is a busy and dangerous highway. We were saddened to read about a wreck last week that claimed the lives of Aaron Collier and Michael Goldstone. Virginia State Police said the two men died in a multiple-vehicle accident last week. A report on stated Michael Terance Goldstone, of Virginia… Read More »

Hampton Roads Chamber President is Concerned About Bigger Trucks in Virginia

Recently in The Virginian-Pilot, president and CEO of the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Bryan K. Stephens wrote an op-ed on solutions for Virginia’s transportation infrastructure. The article pointed to the shortcomings of our roads. In the Infrastructure Report Card for Virginia, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave our infrastructure a… Read More »

Can I Make a Personal Injury Claim If I Wasn’t Wearing a Safety Belt?

As a Virginia personal injury lawyer,  I’m often asked the question “Can I make a personal injury claim if I wasn’t wearing a safety belt?” A surprising number of people injured in car accidents contact us worried they cannot make a personal injury claim because they were not wearing a safety belt at the time… Read More »

More Insurance is Available in Virginia Commercial Trucking Wrecks

Trucking crashes are often more serious than those involving cars. However, few people know that typically more insurance is available in Virginia commercial trucking wrecks. When the vehicle that causes your injuries is a tractor trailer or even a smaller commercial vehicle the chances are that the amount of available insurance coverage on the at… Read More »

Outlining Drunk Driving Punitive Damages in Virginia

The normal damages in a personal injury case when you’ve been hurt by somebody else’s negligence include medical bills, lost wages, and compensation for physical pain and mental anguish. Few people know that as well as these damages they may obtain drunk driving punitive damages. The traditional types of damages are called compensatory damages by… Read More »