Amputation Injuries Are Harrowing and Life-Changing

By John Cooper, Virginia Beach Injury Lawyer

Amputation injuries are usually life-changing and traumatic to deal with. We take our arms and legs for granted and when they are removed after an accident or an infection, it can involve a massive adjustment and learning to use prosthetics.

An amputation can happen surgically or as the result of an accident. Amputation may also be required because of prolonged constriction or an infection such as a hospital-acquired superbug. In Hampton Roads, we often see military veterans in wheelchairs who have lost limbs serving their country in the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, amputations are more common than we may think in civilians.

The body parts that are most commonly amputated are legs, fingers, hands, arms and toes but eyes also occasionally have to be removed.

There are two types of amputation, namely:


If a body part has been seriously injured in an accident or becomes infected, it may need to be removed by a surgeon.


When you lose a body part during an accident or have an amputation caused by trauma, this is known as a traumatic amputation. You may suffer the amputation at the accident scene itself.


A partial amputation occurs in a patient when some tissue, bone, or muscle keeps the amputated part attached to the body. You may lose a considerable amount of use of that area, even though it’s still attached.

The Most Common Accidents that Lead to Amputations

Traffic Accidents – Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to amputations of the legs after accidents. You may also suffer an amputation if you are hit as a pedestrian or involved in an accident with a big rig.

Industrial Accidents – Workers who are in close contact with dangerous machinery are at risk from amputations. Fingers and arms are particularly vulnerable in these kinds of situations.

Who is to Blame?

You may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit against the insurance company of an at-fault driver or a trucking company or another party.

You may also have grounds to sue your employer over an industrial accident if safety precautions were lax or the manufacturer of a piece of equipment that malfunctioned, causing an amputation.

Recently, I had the privilege of representing a double amputee from Newport News who lost his legs when working as a road contractor when he was hit by a drunk driver. All cases are unique and we can’t guarantee the result of a case, but we were able to secure a settlement of $2.86 million for this young highway worker.

Losing a body part in an accident is a horrendous experience and you may not know where to turn. If you have been injured in an accident we can talk to you. Our attorneys operate on a no-win, no fee basis. Call us at (757) 455-0077.


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