Bad Weather Causes Multiple Crashes in Virginia and Maryland

Bad weather caused multiple crashes in Virginia and Maryland over the weekend and served as a reminder of the dangers of driving on ice.

The sudden blast of winter caused a 55-vehicle crash in Baltimore that left at least two people dead and stranded motorists for hours.

In northern Virginia, the bad weather caused more than 40 crashes and claimed a life in Fairfax County.

The crash in Baltimore, Maryland, saw a big rig explode and sent 15 people to hospitals in the area.

Video was posted on social media that showed a fuel truck flipping over a median of I-95 near the Washington Boulevard exit before bursting into flames.

Emergency vehicles urged the many stranded motorists on both sides of the interstate to "remain warm and calm and shelter in place" in their cars.

The cause of the massive wreck was unclear, but road conditions were described as “very slippery.”

In Virginia, the worst conditions were seen in the northern part of the state. More than 40 wrecks were reported, many of them linked to ice.

One person died in a multi-vehicle crash at 5:12 a.m. on Saturday on Interstate 495 in Fairfax County, state police said.

At Dulles Airport, close to Washington D.C., icy conditions forced the closure of runways for part of Saturday morning. Two runways were reopened about 11 a.m.

Hampton Roads avoided the worst conditions, although ice closed the Midtown Tunnel between Portsmouth and Norfolk for a while during Friday morning’s commute.

In Newport News, two people were injured during a crash on Saturday morning at Brick Kiln and Jefferson Ave.  Emergency crews were called to the scene just after midnight. There was no word on the condition of the injured.

With cold temperatures and rain expected during Monday’s commute, conditions may again be treacherous for driving. Some low temperatures are again expected this week, although we may not see ice.

You should always exercise extreme care when driving in slippery conditions. See our top tips for bad weather driving.

If you have been hurt by a driver who is failing to take care in slippery conditions, you may have grounds to make a claim against his or her insurance policy. Call us today at (757) 455-0077.


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