Brain Injury Awareness Day to Be Held in Richmond

Every year we help Virginians who have suffered terrible brain injuries that they will never make a full recovery from.

We can’t assist with your symptoms but we can fight to get you a financial recovery from a culpable party to help cover your medical expenses.

If you break a bone, it should heal. It’s not the same with a brain injury. If you suffer a brain injury, it can permanently impact your behavior or your ability to work. You may need lifelong medical care, suffer cognitive difficulties, and your family relationships may suffer.

I am a member of the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, an important 501 (c) (3) organization that helps those who struggle with the impacts of brain injury across the state.

Brain injury legislation is filed at Virginia General Assembly

A brain injury budget amendment has been filed at Virginia General Assembly

You may have sustained a brain injury from an auto wreck, a slip and fall, or in a war zone.

However you received it, the effects can be devastating. You may feel isolated and directionless.

I am happy to support Brain Injury Awareness Day on Feb. 1 when the Brain Injury Association of Virginia (BIAV) and the Virginia Alliance of Brain Injury Service Providers is calling for a budget amendment to restore brain injury services funding.

Delegate John O’Bannon will host the event at the Capitol in Richmond. Brain injury services were cut by $375,000 in Virginia. The amendment would restore brain injury funding.

The Brain Injury Association of Virginia made reference to a report released last September.

The Joint Commission on Health Care heard the report Expanding Access to Brain Injury Services.

BIAV was critical of some of the findings in the report which turned into a much broader study including information on dementia and PTSD. The organization stated:

“This was disappointing in a number of ways; the extensive amount of information contained in the report was overwhelming and it did not (in BIAV's opinion) fully explain the impact the lack of access to certain types of care has on those who have been affected by brain injury.”

BIAV worked closely with the Virginia Alliance of Brain Injury Service Providers to develop the legislative agenda for the 2017 General Assembly session.

As a Virginia brain injury lawyer, I regret the defunding of services for people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and wish the bill success. Read more here about the cognitive defects you can suffer from a brain injury.

If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury in an auto accident, a slip and fall due to the fault or another or at a facility like a trampoline park or a daycare, please contact our Virginia serious personal injury lawyers at (757) 455-0077.

John Cooper

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