Contraceptive Essure is Linked to Perforation of the Fallopian Tubes and Deaths

I have written in the past about dangerous drugs and other medical devices that are often put on out on the market by profit-hungry drug companies. Many contraceptive devices are on the danger list. Essure is one of the most recent to result in a spate of lawsuits from women who claim it left them with nerve damage and infections. It has even been linked to fatalities.

I am very concerned to read about these side effects and would welcome the chance to help anyone who has been harmed by this device to take action against the drug company.

Essure has been linked to pain, nerve damage and death

What is Essure?

The Essure Permanent Birth Control System is a non-hormonal form of permanent birth control. You can’t buy it over the counter. Once Essure is inserted, it’s meant to be nonreversible and an alternative to surgical procedures such as the tying of the tubes (tubal ligation). Almost a million women have used it in the United States.

The Essure system comprises two flexible stainless steel and Nickel titanium coils that are inserted by a medical professional into the fallopian tubes.

The contraceptive device is manufactured by Bayer. It was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as long ago as 2002 when it was produced by Conceptus Inc., a company that was later acquired by Bayer.

The Side Effects of Essure

The manufacturers cite a five-year study to claim it’s safe and completely effective in preventing pregnancies. The accounts of women who have suffered serious health issues suggests otherwise.

While the device's manufacturer claims Essure is safe and effective, thousands of women disagree.

Issues reported by women include:

1 – Neurological damage and severe pain

2 – Perforation of the fallopian tubes

There are even reports about women who have died from complications associated with these devices.

In 2015, an FDA advisory panel met to discuss concerns about Essure. It recommended more clear warnings on the boxes about the potential side effects. The FDA noted abdominal pain was the most common side effect. Almost 7,000 women reported serious pain. The FDA noted 26 reports of deaths associated with Essure. Lawsuits against Bayer have followed the FDA meeting.

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