Crash With Injuries Reported on I-264 Berkley Bridge in Norfolk

The Berkley Bridge into Norfolk can be a dangerous spot during the morning and evening commutes when cars are changing lanes to get to the downtown.

I was alarmed to read about a crash with injuries on Friday morning on the I-264 at the Berkley Bridge.

A report on stated several cars were involved in the wreck during the Friday morning commute. Dispatchers said injuries were reported in the wreck.

Police warned of delays on the westbound side of the bridge. Images from VDOT traffic cameras showed the accident blocked two lanes at the top of the bridge.

Crashes are common on the Berkley Bridge

Few details are available about this crash. I hope the injuries were not severe.

The Berkley Bridge is the scene of numerous crashes, especially during the morning and evening commutes.

Earlier this year, police reported a multiple-car crash on the Berkley Bridge on Interstate 264 west involving a Norfolk police car. It sent one woman to the hospital during the Monday morning commute.

Virginia State Police dispatchers say a call about the crash was received around 7:10 a.m. The crash caused delays on both sides of the bridge during the Monday morning commute on March 7.

In February of the previous year, an injury was reported when a car ran into the back of a Norfolk Sheriff’s Deputy marked vehicle on the Berkley Bridge. This wreck also occurred in the morning, at about 6 a.m.

In 2014, Virginia Department of Transportation investigated an incident in which a bicyclist was knocked over by a VDOT contractor’s SUV  on the Berkley Bridge pedestrian access pathway. The incident was filmed by the cyclist.

In the wake of the incident, VDOT changed its rules. It is no longer allowing bridge tenders to drive vehicles during shift changes. They must now either walk or use a motorized cart. If a motorized vehicle is required to be on the bridge for any reason, VDOT said it will be accompanied by a “walking spotter” to ensure safety.

Many of the bridges and tunnels of Hampton Roads are congested and dangerous. Accidents are a fairly common occurrence on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel and in and around the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels. These wrecks can cause chaos during commutes in and out of Norfolk.

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Griff O'Hanlon

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