Drive Slowly in the Dangerous Work Zone on I-64 in Newport News

The good news is that the Virginia General Assembly and our local Hampton Roads leaders finally got around to widening Interstate 64 through the peninsula.  Given the amount of traffic and need for a good transportation system in Hampton Roads, it's really about time.  Two lanes in each direction has never been enough since the road was originally put in.

It was a dangerous and congested interstate before work began in 2014. The widening project in Newport News and James City County has caused more hazards and we have seen some terrible accidents here.

I-64 widening zone is hazardous

The construction work seems to have been going on forever. Recently we noted how the work has entered phase 2. During the time the construction is going on there are going to be work zones on the highway.  The work zones require you to slow down to 55 miles an hour.  You're subject to fines if you violate the rule.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is the danger of having a serious car wreck during the time that the construction is going on.  One danger is that the road is much more narrow than it used to be because the shoulders are being used for the construction site.

Also whenever there is construction going on, there is the risk of work vehicles coming in and out of the construction site.  On those work trucks and around these work sites are highway workers and construction workers who take their lives in their hands each day when they go out to the job site.  One good reason to slow down is to not kill somebody by speeding through a work zone.  However, the other reason is to prevent harm to you and your family and your vehicle as well.  You need to be ready for the traffic to slow or even come to a full stop.  I am reminded of this every time I pass the Fort Eustis Boulevard exit on 64.  These areas were already quite congested but now with the change of traffic pattern because of the construction, they are even more hazardous.  Do everybody a favor and take it slow going through there.  Eventually, we'll have a better ride to get from South Hampton roads up to Williamsburg and Richmond.  Until that time, please use the caution required to keep everyone safe.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a wreck on I-64 or anywhere else in Hampton Roads, due to the fault of another driver, please call us for a consultation at (757) 455-0077.

John Cooper

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