Excess Speed May Have Caused Crash that Injured Two on Birdneck Road in Virginia Beach

Speeding and reckless driving occur all too often on I-264 in Virginia Beach and on the on and off ramps. Police say a crash that led to serious injuries to a driver and a passenger on Sunday night may have been caused by excess speed.

The Daily Press reported the crash occurred just before 11 p.m. Sunday night in the 400 block of Birdneck Road, Master Police Officer LM Bauder said in a news release.

Investigators believe the wreck occurred after the driver of a 2008 Acura TSX exited the I-264 ramp at a high speed. The Acura struck a power pole in the median, causing major damage to the vehicle, Bauder said.

Two injured on Birdneck Road crash

The driver and the passenger were cut out of the car by Virginia Beach Fire Department crews and taken to the hospital.

Sunday night’s wreck was the latest in a long series of accidents in Virginia Beach this month.

Earlier this month, a massive wreck on I-264 in Virginia Beach left two people dead and six injured.

Police said a Chrysler Pacifica crossed a median and struck two eastbound vehicles. One of the people who died was a passenger in the vehicle that crossed the median.

The other victim was a 63-year-old from Albemarle in North Carolina who was driving one of the oncoming cars that hit the Chrysler.

Over the holiday we see many accidents in Virginia Beach. Typically, more people drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of their cars.

We have highlighted the dangers of drinking and driving in Virginia in a recent infographic about drunk driving.

In any given year more than 250 lives are lost on the highways of Virginia due to the actions of drunk drivers.

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