Flooding Forces Road Closures in Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach

We are all aware of the dangers of driving on flooded roads and there are plenty of them in Hampton Roads today after hours of heavy rain.

The bad weather had led to numerous road closures and schools in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Portsmouth are closed Wednesday. Norfolk schools are also closed. See this full list on WAVY.com.

These three cities are the worst affected. Be careful about driving on flooded roads and see our Virginia wet weather driving tips. Here are the latest closures as related on WAVY.com.


Police in Virginia Beach reported a string of road closures on Wednesday morning.

Dam Neck Road was closed off after heavy rains flooded Sandbridge Road. It re-opened but police told motorists to remain off the roads in the Sandbridge area.

Sections of Sandpiper Road and Sandfiddler Road close to the back gate of Dam Neck Naval are impassable for many vehicles due to high water.

There are also flooding issues on I-264 in Virginia Beach

  • The ramp from I-264 East to Witchduck Road is shut
  • Police have closed the ramp from I-264 East to Independence Blvd.

Drivers are asked to follow posted detours and use alternate ramps.


Portsmouth is experiencing significant flooding, particularly in the Olde Towne area. Drivers face major delays near the Downtown Tunnel at the I-264 West Frederick Blvd. The off-ramp, I-264 East Effingham St. on-ramp and the I-264 West Effingham St. off-ramp are all reported closed due to high standing water. If you are commuting to Norfolk, you should consider an alternative route and avoid flooded streets like Effingham St.

Other flooded roads in Portsmouth include.

  • Elm Avenue and Race Street
  • Effingham and County
  • Frederick Boulevard close to Turnpike Road
  • 6000 block Churchland Boulevard by the Village Apts
  • 700 block  of Portsmouth Boulevard
  • Queenswood Drive and Greenbrook Drive
  • Peach Street at Portsmouth Boulevard


Chesapeake has also bore the brunt of heavy overnight rain.

Flooding at Triple Decker Bridge led to the closure of Lakeside Park and Cedar Road has lane restrictions from Tidewater Community College to Waters Road because of flooding.

Here are other flooded Chesapeake roads, WAVY reported.

  • Hillcrest Parkway and Edinburgh parkway are under two feet of water
  • Hickory Road — Closed
  • Centerville Turnpike at the Centerville bridge — Closed
  • Centerville Turnpike and Elbow Road — Closed
  • Pleasant Road near Centerville Turnpike — Closed
  • Triple Decker Bridge — Closed
  • Campostella Road and Lake Avenue — Closed
  • Entrance ramp from Military Highway to Bainbridge Boulevard — Closed
  • Several locations on Bainbridge Boulevard — Closed due to high water
  • Benefit Road and Johnstown Road are impassable to cars.
  • 2200 block of Fentress Airfield Road is underwater with a current
  • Liberty Street and Hoover to Liberty and Old Atlantic — Closed
  • Bainbridge Boulevard to Military Highway — Closed
  • Westbound at the Gilmerton Bridge prior to Shell Road — Closed
  • 3000 block of Churchland Boulevard — Closed
  • 1000 block of Ballahack Road — Closed
  • Cedar Road and Waters Road — Closed


In North Carolina, police in Duck, North Carolina reported flooding on NC 12 at Sanderling near Kimball’s Kitchen. One lane of the main highway is closed.

Drive carefully out there and only get on the roads if you really have to. See Bill’s video on why you should never drive on flooded roads. If you are involved in an accident, call our injury lawyers at (757) 455-0077.

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