Highway Worker Suffered Serious Injuries in I-64 Wreck in James City County

Last week, we reported on the latest serious crash to occur in the I-64 construction zone south of Williamsburg when two highway workers were injured.

I was saddened to read in the Daily Press that one of the VDOT workers who was hurt in this I-64 crash sustained serious injuries.

The crash occurred at about 2:10 a.m. last Wednesday morning. A car that was traveling through the work zone on Interstate-64 hit in James City County struck a safety truck and hurt two VDOT employees.

workers were hurt in I-64 James City work zone wreck

The wreck occurred westbound on I-64 in James City County close to mile marker 234, said Virginia State Police Sgt. Michelle Anaya.

According to reports, the impact of the crash pushed the truck into the back of a maintenance bucket truck in which a worker wearing a helmet and safety harness was in the extendable bucket, Anaya stated. He was ejected by the impact. The bucket truck then crashed into a second work truck.

Paula Miller of the Virginia Department of Transportation told WAVY.com that two contractors were hurt in the crash, one of them seriously.  All westbound lanes were shut on I-64 at mile marker 234 and motorists were being detoured at Camp Peary.

WAVY reported that the Volvo driver, who was from Salem in Virginia, fell asleep at the wheel before the crash and faced reckless driving charges.

Accidents in the work zone where I-64 is being widened have led to more signs in the area that alert drivers to the 55 miles-an-hour speed limit. Another sign instructs truckers to stay to the right.

Regional Traffic Operations Manager, Ken Coody told WAVY.

“We want people to get to work on time we want them to get there safe, we want them to go home everybody has a family you think about somebody that got hurt whether it was a motorist or a worker they all have families we want them to be able to see them again.”

Drivers who speed in the work zone will be hit with higher penalties and will face a fine of $500.

Highway workers are very vulnerable in construction zones and can face terrible injuries. Our attorneys have represented a highway worker who suffered a double leg amputation after he was hit by a drunk driver in Norfolk.

Our thoughts are with the workers who were injured in James City County. We hope they can make a complete recovery.

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Jim Hurley

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