Hurt in a Virginia Auto Wreck – Five Things You Should Do

Every day, people are hurt in a Virginia auto wreck in some part of the Commonwealth.  It might be a high-speed wreck involving a truck and critical injuries. It might be a less serious accident which leaves you with whiplash or a sprained ligament.

Even a Virginia auto wreck at the lower end of the seriousness spectrum will feel very serious to the victim. You may be in shock; your back, neck or leg could hurt. Your car may be damaged beyond repair. Numerous conflicting emotions will be going through your head.

It sounds unrealistic but you should not panic if you are involved in a wreck. Your actions in the moments after the crash could have a bearing on whether you can claim enough money to cover your medical bills and more.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers published a brochure called Top Twenty Tips For Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accidents that will help you in these scenarios All accidents have a unique set of circumstances but there are some common factors that can help you.

Hurt in a Virginia Auto Wreck

Hurt in a Virginia Auto Wreck - See our Tips

Here are five things you should do if you are hurt in a Virginia auto wreck.

Obtain the Proper Medical Treatment in a Timely Manner

Your health is the most important thing. If you feel pain, get it checked out by your doctor. Even if you don’t feel pain, some injuries don’t start to make themselves apparent for a day or two because your adrenaline masks the hurt.

Your condition could be exacerbated if you don’t get help. If you wait too long, an insurance adjustor may point to gaps in your coverage and try to argue this meant you were not seriously hurt, after you have filed a lawsuit.

Call 911

Always contact the police if you have been involved in a car accident with injuries. A police officer will file an independent report. Even if you do not believe anybody is hurt, you should never leave an accident scene. You faced being charged with hit and run.

Take pictures and videos at the accident scene

If you are injured in a Virginia auto wreck, you may not be up to the task of gathering evidence. However, if you are able to walk around, snap some pictures of the scene. Take video on your smart phone. You can even talk to witnesses and conduct video interviews. You will have access to the accident scene before investigators arrive. By the time the police are on the scene, it may have changed.

Don’t Admit Fault

Liability may not always be obvious. Never admit fault to the police officer. Just tell the officer the facts of the case. If you say you believe you were at fault, it may come back to hurt you when you try to claim compensation. You may admit fault without knowledge of the full picture. The other driver might have been drunk or distracted.

Be Careful About Talking to the Insurance Company


Don’t make your first call when you are shaken up to the insurance company. The insurance broker is not your friend. He or she might want you to sign away your rights. Hiring a lawyer early in the process removes a burden from your shoulders. At Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers, we’ll deal with the insurance companies. Read our car accident resources here or call us for a free meeting at (757) 455-0077.

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