Multi-vehicle Accident in Newport News Kills One, Injures Nine

A serious, multi-vehicle accident in Newport News killed one and injured nine, according to first responders.

The wreck occurred at the intersection of Harpersville Road and Louise Drive, Saturday afternoon. reported the call came in at 3:15 p.m. The Newport News Firefighters Association’s Twitter page stated one person was reported to be dead at the scene and another motorist was trapped.

Nine people were taken to the hospital with injuries stated Newport News police.


The Daily Press reported two vehicles were involved in the crash in Newport News.

The Daily Press report quoted Trisha Vick, who lives at Louise and Charlotte drives. She reported hearing a loud bang and screaming in the aftermath of the wreck.

A white Ford Explorer was seen overturned at the accident scene.  The cause of this serious wreck is not yet clear.

However, Carlin Thomas, who also lives at the intersection Louise and Charlotte drives, told the Daily Press drivers often fail to stop at stop signs at the intersection, and said cars have ended up on the lawn of a house on the corner of Louise Drive.

Newport News sees many multi-vehicle accidents. In some cases, we have seen serious injuries and fatalities.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Newport News

In July, four drivers were hurt in a six-car collision at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Lee Street in Newport News.

Newport News fire department reported two of the drivers had to be cut out of the mangled wreckage of their cars after an early morning pile-up.

Saturday’s fatal accident scene, Harpersville Road, is not a fast-moving urban corridor like Jefferson Avenue, but it is a cut through where traffic often travels too fast for an urban area.

My thoughts are with the family of the motorist who died and with those who are injured. I hope they make a speedy recovery.

If you are hurt in a multi-vehicle accident, you may have grounds to make a claim against an at-fault driver. If you are hurt as a passenger, you may have grounds to make a claim against the insurance company of your driver. Although the driver may be a friend or a family member, you may need all the coverage you can to pay your medical bills.

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