Ovarian Cancer Linked to Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder and Talc

By John Cooper, Virginia Products Liability Lawyer

A very interesting kind of product liability and dangerous device or product case has arisen over the use of baby powder on women in their daily routine which ends up causing them cancer.  Who would have thought that such a basic product like baby powder which you might use to make yourself feel fresh after a shower could cause you the dreaded disease of cancer? 

is Baby powder causing ovarian cancer?

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

However, the science seems to show that the two are linked.  Right now there's lots of litigation going on across the country where plaintiffs have been successful in proving that baby powder if used in the midsection of a woman's body can cause ovarian cancer.

One of the ways in which this particular product liability litigation is unique is the fairly clear-cut connection between the product and a specific injury.  In March 2016, we reported on how Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $72 million to the family on an ovarian cancer victim. We're not here talking about lots of different kinds of cancer like lung cancer or leukemia.  Rather we're talking about cancer in a particular body part namely a woman's ovaries. 

Evidently the talc, one of the main components of the Johnson & Johnson baby powder, actually ends up appearing in the cells of these women who have ovarian cancer.  It's a lot like as asbestos and mesothelioma because it is a particular tell‑tale marker causing a particular serious harm.

 An attorney familiar with these cases was explaining to me recently that some of the evidence includes the markings on the talc purchased by the sellers of these products that has express warnings against being used on humans.  So you basically have a company putting together a product that they know is going to be used on the human body and they're including their main ingredient that they get out of containers that say not fit for human use.  As a lay person it doesn't seem that it could be clearer.

I am sure that the manufacturers have their arguments about why it's okay to sell this product without warnings.  However, the reality is is that judges and juries don't award million dollar verdicts against companies unless there's something seriously wrong with that they were doing and that it is clearly a defective product not fit for the ordinary purposes for which it was sold.

 If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer you need to look into the possibility that this was caused by baby powder or talc.  If your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, or girlfriend has regularly used this product and has developed ovarian cancer, there may be a link. It's reprehensible that this drug company  could have been prevented the cancer by providing appropriate product warnings or labeling, but chose not to. Our law firm is currently looking for folks that we can help who have ovarian cancer to pursue claims against Johnson & Johnson and other makers and sellers of this potentially very dangerous product. Call us today at (757) 455-0077.

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